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3 Instagram Story Types That Will Sell Out Your Offers

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Instagram Stories is hands down the best place to sell your offers as an Online Service Provider or Coach and if you're not posting your offers consistently, you're leaving money on the table!

Online Business Coach

There are so many reasons Instagram Stories is an absolute game changer for your marketing strategy, for example: 1. You get the chance to sell your offer(s) multiple times a day, every single day - For FREE. 2. Your hottest leads always hang out on your IG Stories. 3. Most people click on Stories as soon as they open the app. 4. It has a more personal feel to it than your feed content or the DMs. Do I need to go on? Because honestly, I could. I LOVE selling on IG Stories - and since I cracked the code of what to actually post on there to make sales, my DMs look like this (almost) daily.

So you know your IG Story Sales Strategy is in safe hands with me and I can’t wait to show you can use these 3 IG Stories content types to take daily selling to a whole new level for you. Before we get into it: 1. I was recently a guest speaker on a podcast where I give the juiciest tips for IG Stories and how to sell daily without ever running out of ideas. Check out the episode HERE. Alright, now the juicy bits -

The 3 Instagram Stories Content Types to sell your offers (+ examples)

1. Embodiment -

Payment Proof

Show your audience something you do, have or are that they are dreaming of - and show it every single day. This doesn’t have to be anything big and you can even be repetitive with this. What’s something your audience is craving that you already have or do? Check out the example from my very own business on the right: I'm floating in the pool, while payment notifications are coming into my business. I embody what my clients are dreaming of - making money without having to be inside their business. I can share this in ONE story and then use the next slides to elaborate.

strategies and planning

2. BTS -

Show your audience what you’re working on!! By giving your audience daily (or regular) glimpses into what it’s like to work with you and how you work, you can paint the picture for them while you’re creating (inspiring and positive) FOMO. Example: I take a picture of the launch plan my client and I are working on and give more context. It shows my audience what working with me looks like while sharing my expertise around strategic launches. I'm also using this as an example to prove how I can drive goals for my clients.

3. Social Proof -

Social Proof

Whenever you get a message from your client, post it to your Stories - and tell the story around it. Don’t just say “My clients are the best” and post the screenshot. See my example on the right: I share that my client hit her monthly income goal before the month even started - knowing that a guaranteed income is a big goal for the majority of my audience. Give background information as to where your client was when you started working together or what you worked on this week. The more you show your audience what it’s like to work with you and that others are happy with your work, the easier it will be for them to build trust with you (without having week long conversations in the DMs). And there we have them: The 3 most powerful content types you can use on IG Stories every single day to sell your offers - without actually selling them. You don’t need to have a long sales flow or record 50 videos of yourself talking - just these 3 content types.

Ready to become the queen of IG Stories?

Download my in depth IG Stories training to learn exactly how to structure your Stories every single day to make high ticket sales and have clients in your DMs, begging for the link, without ever working with you. What clients experienced after watching the training:

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