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7 Ways to Sell Your Coaching Offer on Social Media This Week

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Are you ready to land more clients for your online coaching business in 30 minutes (or even less!) a day? Awesome! I'm about to make selling your coaching offers and programs on social media so much easier for you. So, grab a cup of your favourite brew, sit back, and let's chat about seven fun and effective ways to make more sales in your business while saving you sooo much time!

1. Sharing the High Fives 🙌

Client Review

First things first - let's celebrate those wins! Remember that recent client who smashed their goals thanks to your program? Share their story. Showcasing success stories is like giving your online coaching business superpowers a public shoutout. It's a fantastic way to let potential clients know what you can do for them.

Check out one of my recent posts for inspiration and guidance:

2. Oops, Did You Do That? 😬

5 common mistakes

Let's talk about mistakes. Yes, you heard me right! Point out a common hiccup that your potential clients might be facing when achieving their goals (be specific and use examples of what YOU help your audience with!). Then, swoop in with your coaching cape and explain how you can help them avoid or fix it. You become the solution to their problem, making it easier for them to land clients. Check out THIS post for inspo (and don't be afraid to call your audience out!)

3. A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

Your audience LOVES seeing what you do BTS - and, more importantly, it's a perfect way to generate interest in your coaching programs. Your audience gets to see firsthand what they're missing out on by not working with you. I LOVE showing and breaking down how we're making my clients goals happen, how I support my clients inside specific programs and all the other things they get when working with me 😏

Check out THIS example:

4. Learning Time! 📚

Learning Time

Let's build trust in your audience by showing off YOUR expertise. The key to creating converting content is to make sure that you're breaking down a micro goal that your audience has, you're using YOUR framework and you're being specific in the steps they should be taking. Read THIS post for a prime example of a converting educational content piece.

5. Lead by Example 💪

Lead by Example

Walk the talk! Show your very own personal transformation - once again, be specific! What were you experiencing and feeling 3, 6 or 12 months ago? What does your life or business look like now and what are the actions you took to make it happen? Showing your audience that you've created your own transformation is a great way to embody your business and build trust (especially if you don't have any social proof yet) Read THIS post to know how it's done:

6. A Case Study Adventure

A Case Study Adventure

It's storytime! Dive into client case studies where you show off what your clients have been able to achieve thanks to YOUR help or specific offer.

Talk about their challenges, their growth, and (most importantly) what their lives look like now thanks to you -It's like sharing real-life superhero stories. Check out THIS example for a great client case study

7. You Are the Star 🌟

Coaching Program

Lastly, it's time to shine the spotlight on you. Create a personal brand that screams "I am the go-to coach for my ideal client." Share your story, your values, your opinions and what makes you, well, you! It's how you connect with clients who resonate with your vibe and want to learn from you how to grow their online coaching business. And: Don't be afraid to get spicy - just like I did in THIS post:

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