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How to plan an entire month of Instagram content for your online business

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Are you ready to make sales and land dream clients in your online (coaching or service) business without actually being IN your business?

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What if I told you that I have landed clients while flying from Australia to Europe, while taking two weeks off to take my boyfriend to New York City and while I was asleep? What if I told you that I have landed clients while flying from Australia to Europe, while taking two weeks off to take my boyfriend to New York City and while I was asleep?

I know it sounds too good to be true (especially for the people who like me, grew up with the “money doesn’t grow on trees” mentality), but that can be YOUR reality when you focus on building a strong monthly content strategy for your business on Instagram.

Now, I want to start off by saying: I’m a big fan of transparency. I won’t tell you to post these exact content types for a week and you’ll see amazing results - because your audience takes longer to warm up, especially if you don’t have a powerful content strategy at the moment. Engagement will go down, depending on your messaging shifts enquiries might decrease as well - BUT! And this is a big but - the results you will see for your business in the long run are HUGE.

(Pro tip: If you’re ready to really turn up your content and make more money on Instagram, download my collection of highest converting content prompts HERE for free.

You get access to 20 different content prompts that you can use daily to build trust with your audience, position yourself as the expert and sell your offers in your sleep.)

Now, without further ado, let’s get into it and plan your entire month of Instagram content in less than 30 minutes:

1. Set monthly goals for your business

This can be a specific income goal you want to achieve, launching a new offer, increasing your visibility, filling x spots in one of your existing offers -

Whatever it is, become crystal clear on what you actually want your content to do for you.

Very often when I start working with clients, they don’t have a clear vision of what they want their content to achieve. All they know is that they should be consistent - so they post for the sake of posting, not because they have an actual strategy. BIG mistake!

Just to make the next steps easier, I will say that your monthly goal is:

1) Filling 3 spots in our high ticket offer

2. Be crystal clear on your starting point

Be realistic with this - How warm is your audience? How consistent have you been with your content and selling up until now? Have you successfully sold offers in the past?

I know it can be really hard to do a reality check with yourself but the clearer you are on where you’re starting, the easier it will be to know where to go. Imagine going on a hike and having a map that clearly shows where your final destination is - The only way you’ll figure out how to get to that destination is by knowing where you’re starting.

One of the most powerful things I do with my clients is have them look at their Instagram account from an outsider’s perspective. Would you pay the price of your high ticket package based on what your Instagram profile looks like right now? Are the last 6 content pieces you shared speaking directly to your dream client? Can your audience enter your offer easily enough, is there a link, a CTA?

If you wouldn’t sign up for your own high ticket offer based on what you’re seeing, you can’t expect the strangers in your audience to.

3. Break down your goals into actionable steps

Break down your goals into actionable steps

Now that you’re super clear on what your starting point is, you can break down the goals you have into monthly, weekly and daily actions.

Let’s use our example goals from Step 1 to make this clearer:

1) Fill 3 spots in our high ticket offer

Ask yourself “What does my audience need to see from me to buy this offer?”

→ Very often with high ticket offers, your audience needs to build trust in your expertise and skills but also in YOU as a person.

→ Because it’s high ticket, chances are high that they will need a longer time to warm up and commit to the investment.

So now you know that to achieve your goal, you need to focus on building overall trust with your audience for a long period of time. (We’ll translate this into content pieces in the next step)

4. Translate your actionable steps into content pieces

Now that you know what your audience needs to see from you (if you don’t know, do Market Research!) you can translate your actions into content pieces. Let’s use our example again: 1) Your audience needs to build trust in YOU, your SKILLS and your RESULTS. The content pieces you want to focus should all have that as an end goal. You can do this through

  • highly valuable, super specific educational content where you break down your audience’s micro goals

  • Positioning content that shows why YOU are the best at what you do

  • Using social proof to show off previous client results

  • Storytelling content that shows off YOUR own transformation and

All of these content pieces are designed to massively build trust and position you and your offers as the go to - which is why you want to heavily focus on using them when selling high ticket offers.

The topics of your content should all align with the topics of your high ticket offer, for example:

If your high ticket offer is an Instagram Content Creation package, you want to focus the above content pieces around content strategy, Instagram Stories and whatever else is included in your high ticket offer.

(Download my free collection of content prompts for the most powerful educational content pieces you can create in your business HERE. )

5. Your last step: Make a monthly plan

As our last and final step, we put everything we just worked out into a monthly action plan.

The simple rule that you can follow here is that your audience (99% of the time) needs longer to warm up to high ticket offers - meaning you want to spend more time selling them than low ticket offers.

In the examples we used, we can now have this as our content plan:

Week 1-4:

Market high ticket offer through educational, positioning and social proof content.

(If you post 3 times a week you now need 4 pieces of content for each of these content types)

Your next steps would be to brainstorm content ideas as well as actions you want to take outside of your content, e.g.:

Planning out your IG Stories, writing down topics for IG Lives, possibly hosting a masterclass to warm up your audience even more for your high ticket offer, etc.

There’s no limit to how much you can show up, sell your offers or post. It’s your business, you’re in charge.

Final words:

I know that this might seem like a lot of work or like a completely different way to map out your content (because it is ;) ) - but it is so powerful and THE best (and in my opinion only) strategy you want to use when you want your sales to come from your content only.

And just to give you a bit of reassurance - I started mapping out my content like this in January of this year. It is currently June and every new sale I have made inside my business this year has come through my content. No week long DM conversations, lead generation or daily engagement - just powerful content doing the selling for me.

Ready to see the same results in your business, land dream clients and achieve all of your monthly goals strategically and successfully?
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